School Violence With a Motivation of Hate Amongst Gender Identity and Expression

School Violence With a Motivation of Hate Amongst Gender Identity and Expression

Photo by Rubén Rodriguez on Unsplash

Violence in school. Yet another news story of tragedy. This time in a gender studies class at the University of Waterloo in Canada. 

In a recent news story posted to Impact’s Instagram account, they said that three people were stabbed during a Gender Studies class, specifically named Philosophy of Gender. 

This hateful attack occurred on June 28th after a recent university graduate entered the class and asked the professor what type of class. With this information, authorities have speculated that the attacks were motivated by hate concerning gender identity and expression.

As a Gender Studies minor in New York, Philosophy of Gender is the introduction to Gender Studies course required by all students. A stabbing in a required college course. I truly have no words. How does one decide to walk into a class of 40 students and create a violent setting for people who just want to learn about gender? Truly disgusting. 

Resulting from this stabbing, all three victims were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. As for the terrorist, he was charged with…

  • 3 counts of aggravated assault
  • 4 counts of assault with a weapon
  • 2 counts of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose
  • Mischief under $5000

To end this article, I’d love to hear your opinions. Was this attack intentional? Should he have been charged with more? Does this attack make you question your area of study based on school violence and safety concerns? (scroll down to leave a reply/comment)

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