A Review of Rethinking Gender: An Illustrated Exploration by Louie Läuger

A Review of Rethinking Gender: An Illustrated Exploration by Louie Läuger

Recently, I read the graphic novel, Rethinking Gender: An Illustrated Exploration by Louie Läuger. After having read this educational and engaging graphic novel on gender, here are some pros and one singular con I found.

Overall, the aesthetic of the art and font was really cute and pleasing to the eye. The terms and definitions at the beginning of the book were a great way to go over the vast topics covered within this book.

The way that the author handled the unknowns and constant evolution of gender when it came to educating the reader was very truthful and helpful since there is always more to learn.

I enjoyed that the author sets up this book as if they’re having a discussion with the reader, explaining what “we’re” going to discuss next.

Also, the author does a lovely job of mixing diagrams, history, and easygoing conversation into this book, leaving the right amount of information while also being fun to read.

Although I read the ebook copy of this book, I thought that some of the blank spaces for ideas and jotting down thoughts was a very clever way to help people process the information that they have been given.

The one con that I could find in this otherwise perfect book was on page 181. The author listed a wide range of pronouns but did not explain dual pronouns such as she/they, he/they, they/she, or they/he pronouns.

Overall, I rate this book 5/5 stars because it was very informative, and felt as though the author was speaking right to the reader the entire time.

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